Announcements: Sunday, October 8, 2017

SENIOR’S THANKSGIVING DINNER - Save the date: If you’re interested in volunteering for this event, it will be held on Thursday, November 16 starting at 10:00am. Sign-ups will be coming soon. 

SILENT VOICES BANQUET - Join us for our annual banquet on Friday, October 20. Please register at

MEN’S RETREAT - Over 40 of our men are at Pine Valley, joining several hundred other men and led by our own worship team. Please pray for God to speak to them this morning and for deep inroads to be made in all their hearts toward a more intimate relationship with Jesus. 

PRIMETIMERS' LUNCHEON this Wednesday October 11th with a delicious lunch and our missionaries Kirk and Yolanda Rogers will be our guest speakers. You won’t want to miss it join us Wednesday @ 12:00. Sign up on the patio today.

NEXT SUNDAY BOOK TABLE - Come prepared next week as we will have some of the books Pastor Kenny has referenced over the last few weeks.

PRAYER AND ENCOURAGEMENT – There are a number of our folks right now who are sick or home bound. Many of them have been contacted by you and been so encouraged! Will you pick someone to especially pray for again this week and will you call them or drop them a note to let them know you love them and are praying for them.

PRAYER REQUESTS – If you would like to be prayed for by our prayer team, you can add a request to the back of a welcome card or go on our website and click ‘Contact’ at the bottom of the page or email Thank you.

PLEASE PRAY FOR YOUR PASTORS – Sign up with PastorServe to receive prayer prompts via text message as a reminder (either daily or weekly) to pray for your pastors. Just text the word “Pastor” to 74574 and follow the prompts.  Thank you. 

OUR VIDEO RESOURCE LIBRARY – Have you signed up to take advantage of this valuable resource? Search your email inbox at home for an invitation from us to join “Right Now Media” or call the church office. We have made a year commitment and it is free for you for this year. All you have to do is click on the link, and create a user name and a password. This is like a Netflix of Christian teaching videos. If you would like to sign up, give us your email address and write “Right Now Media” on the back of your welcome card.